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Welcome To Heading Home K9 Rescue
Maizey :
Maizey is the happiest Lab mix girl who loves life with a passion! She hands out kisses to everyone and loves people instantly. She is well mannered in the house and knows some basic commands. We can't figure out why she doesn't have a home yet!
Lily is a happy beautiful girl who as been looking for a forever home for way too long. She is loyal, trained, smart, sweet, and loves to play. She is kid friendly, dog friendly, and great with everyone she meets. She fits seamlessly into almost any home and will make someone a fantastic companion!
We are dedicated to rescuing homeless and unwanted animals. We are a non-profit, 501(c) 3-tax exempt, no-kill dog rescue and placement organization based in Minnesota. Although our focus is primarily on rescuing dogs, we sometimes rescue cats & kittens as well. We are an independent organization and depend solely on adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations to operate. We receive NO government support. We try our best to match the dogs with the needs, wants, personalities, and lifestyles of potential adopters to ensure a healthy, happy, & permanent home.

NEXT PET ADOPTION-- Our next pet adoption will be on Saturday, April 12th from 12-3 at the Plymouth Petsmart.

Stitch and Benny Need Help!

Stitch and Benny both had a terrible, no good, very bad luck kind of day a few days ago... and our rescue accepted responsibility for the prices of those bad days.

Stitch was brought into a local vet clinic to be euthanized by his owners, who ran him over on their farm and didn't want to put the money into fixing him. He had a major break in the hip that has been repaired, and he seems to be recovering (loudly) well. Crate rest and leash walks are not his favorite thing. 

Benny was picked up in a ditch after being hit by a car, and he also has a broken leg needing surgery to fix. At only 5 pounds, he was lucky he escaped alive. No owner has stepped forward, so our rescue claimed him as ours.

If you'd like to donate towards their vet bills, we'd be very grateful. The total between the 2 is only $1000, which is pretty fair considering the type of surgery they have had. Shout out to Dr Miranda at Watkins vet for doing a $2500 surgery at major discount for us :)

If you are able to donate anything (no amount is too small or inconsequential- AND donations are 100% tax deductible!) to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking the big yellow PayPal button that says Donate on the left side of our page. After you login you can put 'bad days' in the + 'Add special instructions to the seller' section. If you would like to send a check in the mail, our mailing address is PO Box 385532 Minneapolis, MN 55438 and put 'bad days' in the memo section.

Want to help support the dogs of Heading Home K9 Rescue without ever leaving your house....not even leaving your computer?!--- Check out our Amazon.com wish list here! We have compiled a short list of our favorite and most used supplies like toys, leashes/collars, bones, etc. You can purchase online and it will ship right to us. Thank you for helping make the holiday special for all the wonderful dogs at HHK9!

WHY SO MANY BLACK DOGS? We often hear people complain about the number of black dogs we have in our program and feel that now is the perfect time to educate the public about how hard it is for black dogs to find homes. Black or darker colored dogs, especially the larger sized ones, are often the first to get euthanized at pounds, shelters, & humane societies when space becomes an issue. People tend to overlook the black/darker dogs for the lighter colored dogs - they see darker dogs as "just another black dog" rather than as a unique individual. It doesn't matter if the dog is purebred or not - if a dog is brought to a shelter/pound/humane society and they have dark colored fur, their chance of getting adopted is very slim. This is a shame because black dogs are just as wonderful as lighter colored dogs. Please consider adopting a darker colored dog!